Creative Techniques

Flutterby Ceramics offers a variety of creative options to help you make your piece as unique as possible!

The first of these options is glitter glaze. We have several different colors of glitter, as well as clear glitter to put on top of any color. Glitter glaze allows you to add a little sparkle to unicorns, fairy houses, or any other project you want to shine!

Another fun option is Mother of Pearl. Mother of Pearl is a special overglaze that gives your piece an iridescent finish. You can paint your piece with any colors, then we’ll fire it. We then put the Mother of Pearl glaze on top and fire it again. When it comes out of the kiln the second time, it looks pearlescent and even more magical! Mother of Pearl costs an additional $6 per piece.

A third option for your piece is to use silkscreens. Silkscreens allow you to transfer any of our hundreds of images onto your piece. We have a huge selection of silkscreens, from animals to lettering to holiday images. Put “I can’t adult today” on your coffee mug, or create a nature scene on a plate! There are endless ways to create with silkscreens. Our knowledgeable staff will help you create an unforgettable piece. Silkscreens are an additional $5 per piece, which includes as many silkscreens as you would like to use on that piece.

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