Ladies Nights in FoCo – for all of you wonderful women!

Every day we get up, go to work, deal with family and responsibility and take care of people and spend so much time giving of ourselves that we often forget to give TO ourselves. That’s the premise behind our Ladies Nights here in FoCo. We want to GIVE to you marvelous women that work until you’re bone tired and can never squeeze quite enough fun for yourself into those packed hours.

Ladies Nights are all about YOU and we strive to provide a few fun filled hours where the only thing you have to think about is what color paints you need for your project. Painting is known to relax and we provide a comfortable and creative atmosphere for you. From 6pm-9pm you will come in to our studio, pick out something to paint, hang out with friends and loved ones, and enjoy complimentary drinks while you paint!

Our Ladies Nights in FoCo are the last Friday of every month. Ladies get 25% off anything they paint and drinks are complimentary. So what are you waiting for? Allow yourself three full hours to enjoy and relax and take care of YOU once a month.

To register just use the link!