Girl Scouts


Step into the world of pottery. Learn about clay and how pottery is made. Create an awesome piece out of hand clay, paint it, glaze it and earn your badge! (Badges not included.) 


Me, Family, Sisterhood, Community, and World. Paint a project to reinforce the Circles.  

Daisy Flower Box

Reinforce the Girl Scout law and all the colors of the Daisy Petals by painting a Daisy Flower Box! 

Flower Pots – Paint a flower pot for your personal garden or to share with your community. 


Flutterby Ceramics is always available to partner with you on your community service project. If your troop decides to bring art to underprivileged kids, beautify a community with a tile wall, provide cookies for home bound seniors on hand painted cookie plates, or host a fundraising activity for your favorite charity and more, we are always willing to discuss the possibilities!


Is it your turn to plan a neighborhood troop meeting? We’ll make your planning a breeze and come to you. Invite scouts and/or Moms for a fun and creative experience. Special rates for groups of over 50 painters. So the next time you’re wondering what to do to entertain all those scouts, call Flutterby Ceramics and we’ll bring the fun to you!


Don’t quite see what you are looking for? Just give us a call! We can work out any kind of project or party that you want we are here to provide a fun, creative experience for all of your girl scouts!

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